1st Place with 127 points:

From LadyAshleyR: "You came to see me."

2nd Place with 112 points:

From franknjim: "Our Neapolitan Mastiff puppy Persephone at 12 weeks of age taking the time to stop and smell the flowers."

3rd Place with 86 points:

From blkittell: "Our cat, DS, checking out the fish in our pond. LUNCH!?!"

Runner Up with 68 points:

From drthor: "This is my cat "Bronto". He likes to sleep in the sink during the summer. He doesn't like just one sink ... sometimes I woke up in th emiddle of the night to get a glass of water in my bathroom and I find him sleeping in the sink !! He is cute."

Runner Up with 64 points:

From mygardens: "We called him fearless George because he never knew he was a small dog. "

Runner Up with 48 points:

From threegardeners: "Angel and Sandi"

Runner Up with 48 points:

From suunto: "Igor the Iguana facing his public..."

Runner Up with 42 points:

From threegardeners: "Angel"

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