1st Place with 134 points:

From beebonnet: "Winter squash freshly picked and ready to store. Largest is Jarradale pumpkin squash, green one is Baby Delica and the striped ones are Delicata."

2nd Place with 102 points:

From MaypopLaurel: "Fresh Pickings"

3rd Place with 90 points:

From suunto: "The queen of our pumpkin patch this year - somewhere around 250 pounds. Monroe County, West Virginia. "

Runner Up with 87 points:

From drthor: "I love tomatoes. I usually have a huge harvest from may to July. I eat them all the time and all the colors too."

Runner Up with 81 points:

From Liquidambar2: "The "real" Mr. Potato Head"

Runner Up with 79 points:

From midwestfarmwife: (No caption)

Runner Up with 66 points:

From drthor: "I also love eggplants. The plant seam to love TX weather and summer heat. I normally grill the eggplants or I make eggplant parmigiana or eggplants with chocolate or eggplant soup ...."

Runner Up with 51 points:

From MaypopLaurel: "Garden Bounty At Maypop"

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