1st Place with 182 points:

From flowrgirl1: "These are ripe Balaton cherries just before harvest in MI."

2nd Place with 147 points:

From PNWMountainGirl: "Just peachy."

3rd Place with 105 points:

From bootandall: "Winter Nellis Pears ready to pick."

Runner Up with 104 points:

From LEEMARTIN: "Ready for my weakness.......Freezer Jam......"

Runner Up with 98 points:

From flfwrs: "Grapes ready to be harvested at Sharpe Hill Vineyard, Pomfret CT"

Runner Up with 67 points:

From can2grow: "fresh grapefruit grown on my own tree"

Runner Up with 46 points:

From threegardeners: "You can't beat fresh picked raspberries!"

Runner Up with 43 points:

From flfwrs: "Blueberries on the vine in CT"

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