1st Place with 245 points:

From darkmoondreamer: "These are sun dried tomatoes that I dried myself, then packed in oil with garlic cloves and basil. They taste divine, and have a stunning appearance that pleases everyone. I often give these as gifts accompanied by a loaf of homemade bread. "

2nd Place with 205 points:

From picabo: "Wild Violet Jelly"

3rd Place with 138 points:

From midwestfarmwife: "August, 2010; Organic, Heirloom Missouri Wonder Beans from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds; a favorite from way back in my family; Blue Lake Green Beans in jars, also from Baker Creek; White Patty Pan Squash from DG trade. "

Runner Up with 87 points:

From PNWMountainGirl: "We're pickled!"

Runner Up with 86 points:

From MistyMeadows: "Canned plums, half in sugar syrup, half in honey syrup. These plums were not this color before processing, but they are so pretty in the jar, I hate to open them. They now look like pickled beets."

Runner Up with 76 points:

From docgipe: "Local grown organic canned goods grown and sold only on our local market in local farmer's markets. "

Runner Up with 72 points:

From PlayNNtheDirt: "Lots of winners at the local county fair"

Runner Up with 71 points:

From MaypopLaurel: "Canning Time Again"

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