1st Place with 241 points:

From drthor: "I made this cake for Easter. It is a Sprite pound cake covered with Buttermilk frosting. The flowers are made with Royal icing."

2nd Place with 126 points:

From Sheila_FW: "Sunflower cake I made for my family at Easter."

3rd Place with 94 points:

From pixie62560: "Fruited Orange-Striped Pound Cake made w/blackberries, blueberries and raspberries picked here in Maine. Now if I only had an orange tree, i'd be all set!"

Runner Up with 84 points:

From pirl: "Baklava!"

Runner Up with 84 points:

From LEEMARTIN: "Fresh Strawberry Shortcake with Fresh Baked Shortcake and real whipped cream."

Runner Up with 81 points:

From LEEMARTIN: "Fresh strawberries and real whipped cream. What could be better????"

Runner Up with 76 points:

From the1pony: "Sampler of cookies I baked. Everybody in the family got a plate like this. :)"

Runner Up with 67 points:

From darkmoondreamer: "These are teeny tiny Thanksgiving Dinner's placed on cupcakes....I make them every year. A cookie spread with icing is the "plate", and features green nonpareil "peas", candy corn "yams", frosting "mashed potatoes and butter", Maple candy "turkey", chocolate "gravy" and red sugar cranberry sauce"

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