1st Place with 178 points:

From haighr: "Fall Upon Us - Using one of my unusual baskets and a small vase insert I used one yellow dahlia, several of my zinnias some tall grass and then covered the inside dish with several of my wacky gourds."

2nd Place with 123 points:

From haighr: "Dahlia Whiskers - My dahlias and grasses along with a white fall blooming clematis make up this airy arrangement in an antique battered pewter vase adorned with a few of my wacky fall gourds. "

3rd Place with 84 points:

From PlayNNtheDirt: "On vacation we made a quick stop in the scenic town of Ouray, Colorado. As we strolled down the old streets lined with historic buildings I noticed beautiful hanging baskets outside the businesses. A lady had just lowered this one to the sidewalk to water. "

Runner Up with 76 points:

From lisabees: "I liked the elegant simplicity of this arrangement with just two lovely orchids."

Runner Up with 69 points:

From lisabees: "Here is one of my favorite vases with a sweet little bouquet of June flowers."

Runner Up with 67 points:

From bluesmaven: "seen outside Fredericksburg, TX"

Runner Up with 59 points:

From can2grow: "A tapestry design in honor of treasurers everywhere; contains dragon's claw ivy, dock, alstroemeria, horsehead philodendron, variegated aspidistra leaves (rolled), green mums, immature grapefruit, bamboo, woven cabbage palm, place mat (rolled), basket with coins"

Runner Up with 55 points:

From starksnet52: "My granddaughter wanted to give her mother a bouquet of flowers from my garden, so we picked one of every flower that looked good at the time. This is the result. Included is daylily, honeysuckle, crocosmia, lavender, campanula, silene, beautybush, solidago, coral bells and smoke bush among others."

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