1st Place with 185 points:

From DonnieBrook: "Our patio garden reflects the historic aspect of our colonial farm with 200-year-old daylilies behind the stone wall and the original well from 1763 that we built the patio around. Bricks from the beehive oven were dug up and reconstructed into our BBQ pit with violets & veronica surrounding it."

2nd Place with 171 points:

From pirl: "Just outside the kitchen door the terrace is a lovely spot for morning coffee before the work day begins. Planted with Asiatic lilies, hostas, Crape Myrtle, clematises and Japanese irises, it is a delight in all seasons."

3rd Place with 160 points:

From docgipe: "Patio shed, wall, floor, trellis and 2010 potted garden all designed and built or grown by docgipe. "

Runner Up with 138 points:

From PNWMountainGirl: "Fall brings lots of color to the patio."

Runner Up with 124 points:

From pirl: "The terrace is a resting spot during the day and the best place to relax with a cool drink as we enjoy the gardens around it in the evening. From daffodils and the magnolia in spring to fall blooming dahlias it's always a pleasure."

Runner Up with 92 points:

From ernbran: "I love my patio. I am lucky I get the sun at just the right time. I use almost all red and blue. I like to mix rosemary in my containers. It always smells so good. I use lots and lots of begonias, dragon wing and then the smaller ones. They are really resilient. "

Runner Up with 87 points:

From blkittell: "Our backyard gazebo, gardens, and creek in southern Illinois."

Runner Up with 57 points:

From bookwormer401: "Our patio garden is a cool and shady retreat in the summer."

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