1st Place with 230 points:

From GardenGuyKin: "Foggy July morning on the Farm"

2nd Place with 133 points:

From bookwormer401: "As we drive down the highway, I often pull out my camera to snap a photo of a barn I like. I like the cows and silo with this barn photo; and I love the misty morning look. "

3rd Place with 129 points:

From flfwrs: (No caption)

Runner Up with 118 points:

From Kathleen: "The quilted shed was a project conceived and executed by Stan and me over a three week dry spell in 2005 while we were waiting for the grass to grow into second cutting hay."

Runner Up with 109 points:

From docgipe: "Pennsylvania Barn circa 1920 built of local sawmill five quarter rough lumber and hand prepared local logs. The lumber believed to be Hemlock, the state tree. "

Runner Up with 86 points:

From suunto: "The barn on our family farm in North Dakota; nearly a century old."

Runner Up with 85 points:

From Elijablue: "This barn is in Macomb County IL. While it stands vacant now, I can just imagine a flurry of activity around it many, many years ago. "

Runner Up with 78 points:

From LEEMARTIN: "100 years old and a great attraction in Southern IN"

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