1st Place with 252 points:

From duckmother: "One day old Muscovy duckling"

2nd Place with 179 points:

From PrettylilyMandy: "My 4 yr old son and his favorite farm animal. This calf must have thought that it was ok to suckle on anyone!!"

3rd Place with 125 points:

From Audrey: "Cow in snow"

Runner Up with 120 points:

From Audrey: "alpaca"

Runner Up with 111 points:

From Nanth333: "Haircut Horse -I took this image when on a weekend art triip to a farm in PA. I liked the way the light emphasized the horse's mane."

Runner Up with 80 points:

From GalGari: "I usually talk to my photo subjects as I take pictures and this time I got talked back to at the St. Lawrence County Fair, NY."

Runner Up with 56 points:

From tweedlemynhier: "Betty, one of my beautiful worker bees. "

Runner Up with 55 points:

From victorgardener: "Preferred by gentleman farmers. "

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