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1st Place with 176 points:

From mhadden: "It is a jungle out there! To celebrate our daughter's birthday, I made this cake using pretzels, jelly beans and chocolate for the monkeys and palm trees, peanut butter cups and vanilla wafers for the animals on the sides. The cake is a traditional white cake with buttercream frosting. "

Contest picture by mhadden

2nd Place with 133 points:

From flfwrs: "Teapot birthday cake I made for my sister in 2004."

Contest picture by flfwrs

3rd Place with 111 points:

From adinamiti: "My homemade strawberry tart with custard filling."

Contest picture by adinamiti

Runner Up with 71 points:

From haighr: "Elmira Peach Pie Now this was yummy. I make my own crust, fresh peaches and a layer of cheesecake and topped with lattice crust."

Contest picture by haighr

Runner Up with 57 points:

From ginger749: "Custard, Apple, Pineapple, Apricot and Chocolate Pizza."

Contest picture by ginger749

Runner Up with 55 points:

From veronica360: "Celebration Fruit Pizza "

Contest picture by veronica360

Runner Up with 55 points:

From haighr: "Chocolate, chocolate 10" cheesecake I make one of these every Thanksgiving. It takes a while to make, but only a short time to eat!"

Contest picture by haighr

Runner Up with 50 points:

From corgimom: "I made my family's favorite peanut butter balls to sell at the Crosstie Festival 2011."

Contest picture by corgimom

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