1st Place with 165 points:

From fmlyof5: "This quilt was made for me for my birthday. I do cat fostering, so my friend made me this beautiful cat quilt which features Buster, a black cat, that we fostered and then adopted. A special gift from a special friend."

2nd Place with 156 points:

From Nanth333: "I made this art quilt of my daughter's garden as a wall piece. Actual pictures of the kids and parents were printed on material and added. I wish I had counted the number of pieces- fence pickets, flowers, stones, etc , as all were individually printed on cloth and sewn to the base. Labor of love."

3rd Place with 148 points:

From quilter_gal: "Civil War Reproduction Fabrics - 3,777 pieces King/queen size - small squares are 1" sq. Over 200 different fabrics used in this quilt"

Runner Up with 92 points:

From quilter_gal: "Queen/king sized bed quilt - 1930's reproduction fabrics I wanted to make the kind of quilt for my mother that her mother might have made for her, but with a modern twist."

Runner Up with 77 points:

From Quilter5bdsr: "Boston Common design by Eleanor Burns Fusions fabric by Robert Kaufman"

Runner Up with 71 points:

From gannierosie: "My grandsons love trains, so I improvised a pattern, and used lots of left overs to make them their "choo choo" quilt. It is hand machined since I knew it was going to go through the ringer. Bright colors to brighten up their day. "

Runner Up with 68 points:

From PotEmUp: "I don't live in the right zone or have a greenhouse big enough for my very own Amorphophallus titanum, so my wife made me a fabric version for our wall. The background represents glass panes from the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers. "

Runner Up with 65 points:

From shihtzumom: "This lovely Catheral Quilt was made by my dear mother several years ago. Great care and detail, along with months worth of work went into making this beautiful quilt."

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