1st Place with 264 points:

From Nanth333: "My Japanese Garden in 2006. Still going strong -a little more mature."

Contest picture by Nanth333

2nd Place with 133 points:

From mrs_colla: "If it has colour, it fits!"

Contest picture by mrs_colla

3rd Place with 114 points:

From corgimom: "Our fountain provides a gentle ,soothing sound and the crushed rock below makes a perfect warming area for butterflies."

Contest picture by corgimom

Runner Up with 109 points:

From victorgardener: "May splendor. "

Contest picture by victorgardener

Runner Up with 92 points:

From haighr: (No caption)

Contest picture by haighr

Runner Up with 85 points:

From joycerogers0713: "This is my mini patio fairy garden. All plants are real live plants."

Contest picture by joycerogers0713

Runner Up with 85 points:

From GardenGuyKin: "My favorite spot to sit back and enjoy the day..."

Contest picture by GardenGuyKin

Runner Up with 65 points:

From JMurr: (No caption)

Contest picture by JMurr

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