1st Place with 374 points:

From OutsidePlaying: "We raise pygmy goats. Lucy and Sally were twins born in Feb 2012. They are pretty cute. "

Contest picture by OutsidePlaying

2nd Place with 252 points:

From mygardens: "Mildred was given to us when she was two years old. Before we received her she always swam in a child's plastic tub. Although we have a large pond, she preferred our old tub."

Contest picture by mygardens

3rd Place with 131 points:

From picabo: "What a Big World! I loved this calf standing with Mom under a tree. He couldn't have been more than a few hours old. He was sure taking in all the sights in his new world. "

Contest picture by picabo

Runner Up with 122 points:

From Italianstyle: "Another day another flower a bees work is never done."

Contest picture by Italianstyle

Runner Up with 105 points:

From DiggingJohnny: "This pasture paint horse came in for one last shot before being sold. She'll now move out of her canyon home and be introduced to a new herd. "

Contest picture by DiggingJohnny

Runner Up with 99 points:

From LadyAshleyR: "Calliope, Play Dead! (Sorry for the white square, removed my name, since this is a contest)"

Contest picture by LadyAshleyR

Runner Up with 47 points:

From picabo: "Tuwa, My favorite Cow Pony, here we are Herding cows in Montana this Summer"

Contest picture by picabo

Runner Up with 46 points:

From persimmon1256: "I recently visited a local farm and sugarhouse, and met this gal; her name is Diane Sawyer, and she is a family pet. She got her name because her mother was on the Good Morning America show."

Contest picture by persimmon1256

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