1st Place with 129 points:

From neroli: "This is Archie...the coolest cat in town...a very special member of our family...doesn't mind having his photo taken either."

Contest picture by neroli

2nd Place with 98 points:

From DiggingJohnny: "In an effort to get out of the summer sun, this yellow labrador found a spot of shade beneath a patch of hydrangeas. "

Contest picture by DiggingJohnny

3rd Place with 79 points:

From pixie62560: "This is a bittersweet picture. The young ladies boyfriend/owner of dog had just died in an accident a few days before. You can tell by the look on both faces...this hug was so needed."

Contest picture by pixie62560

Runner Up with 77 points:

From cynthiamp: ""No Mama, I am NOT sleeping in your flower bed." This is my sweet 13 year old terrier mix Bear. We rescued her from the pound as a puppy. She goes every where with me and keeps me company in the yard. I was busy taking pictures one day when I found her snuggled in with the flowers. "

Contest picture by cynthiamp

Runner Up with 71 points:

From ducbucln: "Meet Maggie May, our older little rescue dog that gives us joy every day. We think the missing tooth adds character to her sweet personality."

Contest picture by ducbucln

Runner Up with 60 points:

From cynthiamp: "Muffin the ball thief. This is Muffin and that sly little grin is proof that this is not HER ball. She has stolen her buddy Goldie's ball and she thinks she got away with it."

Contest picture by cynthiamp

Runner Up with 59 points:

From Gabi65: "Boris, like all cats, liked to pose where he looked his best, under the Achillea or Maybush"

Contest picture by Gabi65

Runner Up with 54 points:

From gingerlily1216: "Abigail and Dude were my son's cats until he moved and could no longer keep them. They are sisters (despite the name he mistakenly gave one) and very loving as you can see."

Contest picture by gingerlily1216

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