1st Place with 378 points:

From Nanth333: "Autumn Japanese Garden in my home near Baltimore, MD"

Contest picture by Nanth333

2nd Place with 370 points:

From pirl: "It's pure pleasure to sit outside when the hosta plantaginea is in bloom and the scent fills the air."

Contest picture by pirl

3rd Place with 124 points:

From haighr: "My huge elephant ears growing strong in the brick bed on the patio. Leaves measure 38"!"

Contest picture by haighr

Runner Up with 120 points:

From daffodilily: "Hummingbird vine."

Contest picture by daffodilily

Runner Up with 99 points:

From haighr: "Tropical Paradise" - Our favorite spot to gaze at the fountain and enjoy the gardens. It features the fountain, treasure chest, conch shells, lobster pot hidden in the grasses and tropicals of pineapple, vigna caracalla, passiflora, musa, blood grass and more!"

Contest picture by haighr

Runner Up with 47 points:

From adinamiti: "My grandson Nicholas checking the flowers on the patio."

Contest picture by adinamiti

Runner Up with 38 points:

From pirl: "Oh, for an afternoon like this during this horribly hot summer!"

Contest picture by pirl

Runner Up with 36 points:

From Nanth333: "Snow-Capped Crane in my Japanese Garden"

Contest picture by Nanth333

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