1st Place with 91 points:

From RosinaBloom: "Sancho was 'a ginger male' from the litter of a friend's cat. I have had him since he was weaned from his mother, and he will be nine in December. He has a wonderful nature, a beautiful disposition, and everybody that comes to visit just loves him."

Contest picture by RosinaBloom

2nd Place with 58 points:

From flfwrs: "Sharing a drink out of the hose."

Contest picture by flfwrs

3rd Place with 52 points:

From PAgirl60: "Bob loved to climb trees, jump on top of the wood pile, and I even caught him on the roof of our house once. But his favorite "perch" was on top of the mailbox. "

Contest picture by PAgirl60

Runner Up with 42 points:

From drthor: "I looove watermelon ..."

Contest picture by drthor

Runner Up with 37 points:

From brendak654: "Just waiting on my master. Master threw the stick and when I came back he was gone. Photographer was a passer by along a country road and here sat this beautiful dog."

Contest picture by brendak654

Runner Up with 33 points:

From RosinaBloom: "Celino came to my front door one October night four years ago as a three or four year old kitten. Four years later he has shown to be intelligent, independent, three times the speed of lightning, and excitedly rolls over backs and forwards while having his back and tummy rubbed... "

Contest picture by RosinaBloom

Runner Up with 28 points:

From drthor: "This is what Texas kitties do when it is "cold" outside "

Contest picture by drthor

Runner Up with 27 points:

From Audrey: "Willie"

Contest picture by Audrey

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