1st Place with 70 points:

From mygardens: "Barn red in evening sun."

2nd Place with 63 points:

From picabo: "A little Barn that I built for my Chickens. The hens lay green eggs so I wanted a Dr Seuss look for their barn."

3rd Place with 59 points:

From art33: "Saw this red faced barn near Arrow Rock, Missouri. Those “eyes” seemed to be watching me as I drove by. Just had to go back and snap this picture :-)"

Runner Up with 59 points:

From jmorth: "Round Barn"

Runner Up with 58 points:

From picabo: "Fall colors just starting to show "

Runner Up with 53 points:

From art33: "Saw this old barn along a country road near Pella, Iowa. Made me chuckle."

Runner Up with 45 points:

From iluvcanon: "I visited Amish country for years and always wanted to photograph an old barn with an ad on it. Finally found this one and took lots of photos of it."

Runner Up with 27 points:

From jmorth: "An orchard farm complex near Barry, Il."

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