1st Place with 75 points:

From CarolynLC: "This goat stuck his head out from the barn - wanting to be fed of course."

Contest picture by CarolynLC

2nd Place with 66 points:

From Terri1948: "Swaledales are my favorite sheep."

Contest picture by Terri1948

3rd Place with 60 points:

From adinamiti: "Where's momma? I'm hungry!"

Contest picture by adinamiti

Runner Up with 37 points:

From CarolynLC: "These two goat babies were on top of the world."

Contest picture by CarolynLC

Runner Up with 33 points:

From Terri1948: "The Hebridean sheep love to shelter beneath this tree. It gives shade during hot weather and shelter from rain."

Contest picture by Terri1948

Runner Up with 20 points:

From cytf: "My beautiful horse"

Contest picture by cytf

Runner Up with 13 points:

From elizabethnett: "Biscuit one of "the Three Amigoats"."

Contest picture by elizabethnett

Runner Up with 5 points:

From woodspirit1: "I can't remember where we got this iris from but it's a great addition to our little pond with the waterfalls"

Contest picture by woodspirit1

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