1st Place with 81 points:

From Terri1948: "The friendliest rooster you could ever meet. "

Contest picture by Terri1948

2nd Place with 75 points:

From Audrey: "rooster"

Contest picture by Audrey

3rd Place with 60 points:

From C_A_Ivy: "Henny Penny on the garage roof overlooking her autumn domain."

Contest picture by C_A_Ivy

Runner Up with 50 points:

From Audrey: "chicks"

Contest picture by Audrey

Runner Up with 29 points:

From Terri1948: "Flock of white geese just chillin'"

Contest picture by Terri1948

Runner Up with 11 points:

From adinamiti: "I am the only rooster who sings in this house!"

Contest picture by adinamiti

Runner Up with 0 points:

From elizabethnett: "The girls in their pen."

Contest picture by elizabethnett

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