1st Place with 25 points:

From adinamiti: "Fresh radish, just picked."

2nd Place with 24 points:

From jmc1987: ""Black Vernissage" tomatoes "

3rd Place with 16 points:

From MaypopLaurel: "Tomatoes of course!"

Runner Up with 14 points:

From fern36: (No caption)

Runner Up with 9 points:

From jmc1987: ""St. Valery" Carrots"

Runner Up with 4 points:

From adinamiti: "Onion crop."

Runner Up with 1 points:

From fern36: "Spaghetti squash are easy to grow and so much fun to eat. They're a healthier alternative to pasta, too!"

Runner Up with 0 points:

From Cville_Gardener: "Vidalia onions"

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