Help Spread Awareness about Invasive and Non-Native Plants, Birds, Bugs and Wildlife
Dave's Garden 2011 Invasive Species Photo Contest

Here on Dave’s Garden, we like to spread awareness about invasive and non-native plants, birds, bugs and wildlife that exist in our members' gardens all over the world. Join us and enter your photos of invasive or non-native plants, bugs, birds and wildlife in the 2011 Dave’s Garden Invasive Species Photography Contest.

All First-place, Second-place and Third-place winners in every category will each receive a subscription to Dave's Garden!

Who can enter? Any DG member is welcome to participate and submit only their own photos; please review the other contest rules below before submitting your photos. Please also make sure to include the cold hardiness zone and/or geographic area the photo was taken in, in the photo's description.

How do I enter? Entry and voting are closed.

What will the winners receive? Each First-place winner will receive a three-month subscription to Dave's Garden, each Second-place winner will receive a two-month subscription to Dave's Garden and each Third-place winner will receive a one-month subscription to Dave's Garden (in the event a participant wins more than one category, they will receive an additional subscription to Dave's Garden, which they can keep or give to a friend.)

A little background on the topic of invasive species... We believe that every invasive species has both good and bad qualities. Every non-native plant, bird, bug, and wildlife is after all, native to somewhere. Dave’s Garden is the home to gardeners from every nook and cranny of North America as well as circling the globe. Keeping a global perspective, specifically around the subject of invasive and non-native flora and fauna species, is quite important to us. What is invasive to someone in California or Florida may not be invasive to someone in a temperate climate where winter will kill it back. Or, may not even be invasive for those in tropical climates where other environmental factors keep the species in check.

For more information about invasive species, visit the Invasive Plants board and follow our new Articles about Invasive Species, during Invasive Species Awareness Week from February 28, 2011 through March 4, 2011.

There are 170 entries.

The voting is finished!! Congratulations to each of the winners. Click below to view the winners of each contest.