1st Place with 74 points:

From smallwonders: "Wool-Carder Bee (Anthidium oblongatum) Found in Michigan This is not a native species. This European bee was found in Pennsylvania in 1995 & has since migrated to other states. These bees are highly aggressive and may have a negative impact on native Anthidium species & native plants they pollinate."

2nd Place with 65 points:

From smallwonders: "Asian Rock Pool Mosquito (Ochlerotatus japonicus) Found in Michigan A native of Japan first detected here in 1998, most likely imported in a shipment of tires. Suspected of being a vector of Japanese encephalitis & possibly West Nile virus. "

3rd Place with 54 points:

From ExplorinLauren: "Title: "I'm Movin; In!" Stag Horn Beetle Taken just outside of Paris, Tx. "

Runner Up with 46 points:

From LadyAshleyR: "Japanese Beetles"

Runner Up with 43 points:

From mardellow: (No caption)

Runner Up with 40 points:

From drthor: "Praying Mantis hiding behind a Bearded Iris. I think she is looking at the camera "

Runner Up with 34 points:

From Bob_71: "Pryeria sinica (Euonymus Leaf Notcher). Non-native found in about 2000 in Maryland. Photo is of a pair mating and another female with clutch of eggs. Male antennae are bipectinate, those of female non-pectinate but are clubbed."

Runner Up with 30 points:

From DaylilySLP: "Differential Grasshopper (Melanoplus differentialis)"

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