1st Place with 75 points:

From plantladylin: "A Cuban Tree Frog that took up residence in an old Birdhouse on our deck. Native to the Caribbean region, there are now established colonies in Florida. They grow to 3"- 5 1/2 " in size and will eat native frogs, lizards, spiders and even hatching baby birds!"

2nd Place with 67 points:

From eirlys1: "We had high hopes of attracting one of several species of woodpeckers with our newly installed first class bird house. . . Imagine our surprise when a new border showed up. . . covered in fur! What are landlords to do? Name the Intruder, of course.!"

3rd Place with 61 points:

From woodspirit1: "Brought from a dismanteling carvnial about 50 years ago,these squirrels were moved to Brevard, NC. Their genes match the gray squirrel but they are real diggers.. And also protected by law here. They have spread to counties surrounding Transylvania here in the Souther Appalachian of NC."

Runner Up with 59 points:

From steve963: "Even though we live 5 miles from Payson, Arizona, we have a herd of around 30 that LOVE every plant I grow. I use Liquid Fence. Expensive, but it WORKS! Here is a big buck eying me (and my garden). I was dangerously close!"

Runner Up with 53 points:

From drthor: "invasive Tomato Hornworm"

Runner Up with 43 points:

From steve963: "These guys can become WAY too friendly. Over the last two seasons I have had to replace the patio cushions TWICE at $200 a set. They use the insides for nesting material - even though I provided nesting material for them! No more!!!! Caught and displaced 24 to date."

Runner Up with 32 points:

From ginger749: "This Kangaroo was begging for food but stole my Mouthorgan and tried to eat it. Queensland, Australia."

Runner Up with 25 points:

From crowellli: "The nutria is an invasive foreign species that does extreme environmental damage along the gulf coast. This photo was taken in my urban garden in Houston, Tx. They are extremely adaptable and this one made himself at home, destroying bulbs and flower roots, before being caught at the front door."

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