1st Place with 242 points:

From Goombarok: "Talk about invading someone's home! "

2nd Place with 212 points:

From drthor: "This is Carmelita. She eats all the acorns in my yard. She re-modeled my bird house ... making the hole bigger. She is too cute ! "

3rd Place with 107 points:

From DaylilySLP: "My kitty, 'Blue' can't figure out how to get that darn squirrel."

Runner Up with 94 points:

From mygardens: "Rabbits are certainly very cute unless they overpopulate an area. This one enjoyed sitting in and on my impatiens. "

Runner Up with 85 points:

From DaylilySLP: "These gobies are taking over the AuSable River in Northern Michigan."

Runner Up with 58 points:

From pmutalik2000: "The rabbit, cute when they are not eating all the veggies out of the garden."

Runner Up with 46 points:

From mygardens: "Snakes can be invasive in certain areas but they are also beneficial. This rat snake was almost 6 feet long but they do keep away poisonous snakes as well as moles, voles, and other garden pests."

Runner Up with 16 points:

From momoftwo607: "tufted ear owl"

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