1st Place with 215 points:

From NicoleC: "Pretty and intelligent, but the deliberately introduced European Starling, has become an invasive pest in North America."

2nd Place with 133 points:

From shorthog: "Colorful Grackle looking to raid the bird feeder. Small flocks often invade the backyard in Zone7b for food. "

3rd Place with 131 points:

From cbnovice: "Quail invade our garden and eat any young plants. Lettuce is a big favorite. This male is standing guard up high while the rest of the group is foraging on my driveway."

Runner Up with 67 points:

From DaylilySLP: "The House Finch may be getting almost as invasive as the House Sparrow in Michigan. I don't care, they are so cute!"

Runner Up with 66 points:

From drthor: "English Sparrow enjoying the bird seeds in my garden"

Runner Up with 60 points:

From drthor: "Every year a couple of doves always come back to my house to make their nest on top of my outside speaker."

Runner Up with 41 points:

From shorthog: "Favorite Guinea hen. Henny Penny, surveys the area from garage top near Caney Creek , Stilwell, OK. Non-native but a great grasshopper and bug eater."

Runner Up with 39 points:

From DaylilySLP: "Think this is the leader of what I call the annual "Grackle Gang" invasion."

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