1st Place with 83 points:

From flfwrs: (No caption)

2nd Place with 55 points:

From shihtzumom: "Rosarium Uetersen over the picket fence"

3rd Place with 38 points:

From Calif_Sue: "Remember Me"

Runner Up with 34 points:

From Audrey: "roses in the snow"

Runner Up with 33 points:

From Baynanno1: "An unnamed beauty, photographed as I strolled through Hobart, Tasmania, where I used to live."

Runner Up with 32 points:

From sunnyg: "Miniature Rose 'Dazzler' lives up to its name..."

Runner Up with 31 points:

From Bob_71: "Ty-a miniature rose. "

Runner Up with 29 points:

From BeeCharmer13: "Lake Michigan beach roses - Rosa Rugosa."

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