1st Place with 67 points:

From BeaHive: "An afternoon chat at the pond."

2nd Place with 61 points:

From victorgardener: "One of my favorite hiking spots"

3rd Place with 58 points:

From Calif_Sue: "Mossbrae Falls"

Runner Up with 56 points:

From victorgardener: "Croton Falls, NY"

Runner Up with 53 points:

From Roly0217: "This is the Water lily garden at Fairchild."

Runner Up with 40 points:

From htop: "An ice storm turned my small brass water fountain into an ice sculpture. The lantana blooms to the left and the lily leaves are encased in ice as well."

Runner Up with 35 points:

From neecieb: "Japanese garden at Albuquerque Botanical Garden"

Runner Up with 31 points:

From Baynanno1: "Photographed at the beautiful Japanese Gardens at Cowra, Australia."

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