1st Place with 65 points:

From DebinSC: "Lily stamens."

2nd Place with 61 points:

From henryr10: "Bombus on Aster novae-angliae (New England Aster)"

3rd Place with 55 points:

From WaterCan2: "Toad Lily"

Runner Up with 54 points:

From khabbab: "Hover fly pollinating waterlily bloom. Canon powershot 570IS"

Runner Up with 52 points:

From yarok: "Hardenbergia lilac vine, My garden Kibbutz Nirim"

Runner Up with 44 points:

From henryr10: "Snowberry Clearwing on Teasel "

Runner Up with 39 points:

From rkyobo: "I took this photo in Phuket, Thailand at a Buddhist temple in their garden. There were a lot of bees in the lotus blossoms, so I practiced my macro photography. This is my favorite shot."

Runner Up with 36 points:

From cmezoom56: "A dandelion up close."

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