1st Place with 39 points:

From 5692935: "Cactus - California Adventure "

2nd Place with 32 points:

From Flapdoodle: "An array of prickly pear flowers in the bed in our front yard."

3rd Place with 27 points:

From cpark: (No caption)

Runner Up with 17 points:

From danmo: "A variety of Echeveria, Crassula and Haworthia"

Runner Up with 16 points:

From cpark: "Pink blooms on a red and green jade plant"

Runner Up with 12 points:

From Luannespics: "Taking photos of the Saguaro flowers, a Bee flew into the frame"

Runner Up with 11 points:

From pmmGarak: "Echinocererus reichenbachii - exactly what you expect in a German garden...."

Runner Up with 10 points:

From kinard: "Beautiful Fuzzy Succulent"

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