1st Place with 30 points:

From Terri1948: "The duck dog :) Herding 8 week old ducklings. Such a beautiful, gentle and patient dog. "

2nd Place with 19 points:

From kinard: "All i can say is...THOSE EARS!"

3rd Place with 18 points:

From 5692935: "Mary\'s princess garden. It has occasionally been pillaged by squirrels."

Runner Up with 15 points:

From cpark: "Milkweed beetle--world\'s cutest insect!"

Runner Up with 14 points:

From kinard: "Hanging in there"

Runner Up with 11 points:

From danmo: " A coyote playing PEEK-A-BOO I see you!"

Runner Up with 11 points:

From pmmGarak: "Miniature palm garden"

Runner Up with 7 points:

From cpark: "Black vulture--or elderly barrister?"

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