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    What is the Garden Bookworm?

    It is a directory of gardening books that allows you to look for a new book or add feedback for your personal favorite gardening books (or those that got composted!)

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    What makes the Bookworm different from all other book lists?

    Unlike a list of someone's favorite gardening books, the Bookworm is a dynamic, cross-referenced database that offers a user-friendly format and instantaneous feedback.   The Bookworm continues to expand as gardeners from around the world submit feedback for their favorite books. 

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    What do those icons mean?

    To keep things simple, we have three ratings, each with its own icon:

    Good Rating: Good rating. This book has received more positive feedbacks than negative.

    Neutral rating: Neutral rating. This book has received ratings, but they have all been neutral, or there are as many positive ratings as negative.

    Caution: Negative rating. This book has received more negative ratings than positive

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    Do I have to subscribe to use this feature?

    No, but you do need to be a registered user (registering a username is free) to add feedback or a new book.

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    How can I find a particular book?

    Start with the quick search box in the right-hand corner and type all (or just part) of the:
    • book's name; OR
    • author's name; OR
    • publisher's name; OR
    • ISBN (if you know it)
    If those results don't pan out, don't despair - the system will also give you several options to do a more advanced search.

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    Can I add a book?

    Sure!  If you know of a gardening book not already listed, feel free to add it.  You'll find a link to add a new book beneath the most recently added feedback.  Be sure to add as much information as possible, and type the ISBN without any dashes or spaces!

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    How do you get the pictures of the books in there?

    The Bookworm interacts with Amazon's website, and when the ISBN matches an entry in their database, the cover image automatically appears.  Pretty neat, huh?

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    How do I add a comment?

    Find the book you'd like to comment on, and scroll down until you come to the link "Add your own comment to this book".  Follow the instructions, preview your comment then hit "Submit".  Hint:  be sure you also note whether you rate the book as positive, negative or neutral.

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    Can I buy a book from the Bookworm?

    Yes.  We've partnered with Amazon to make it easy to purchase a book when you find one you'd like to have for yourself or give as a gift.  You can click on the link beneath the image of the book cover and purchase the book from Amazon.  (NOTE:  We  appreciate the purchases made through the Bookworm!  We receive a small portion of each sale, which helps support the Bookworm and keep it free for all to use.)

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    What if I make a mistake, or find an error made by someone else?

    Use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom, and be sure to tell us specifically which entry contains the error, and what the error is.  One of our editors will review and make the necessary corrections.

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    I've read this FAQ and I still have a question about the Bookworm!

    Use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom and tell us your question.  We'll do our best to answer your question promptly. Subscribed members can also post their question in any appropriate discussion forum (DG, Media, etc.) for peer-to-peer assistance.

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