Frequently Asked Questions: Garden Terms

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    What's the difference between Garden Terms and Botanary?

    Garden Terms is designed to help gardeners share definitions (and pictures) of gardening tools, techniques, pesky critters, and other gardening terminology.  Botanary is a botanical dictionary that contains scientific plant names (family, genus, species), their etymology (what the name means) and pronunciation assistance.

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    What makes Garden Terms so special?

    Most of the online lists of gardening terminology are static:  they were written by one "expert", and  never added to or edited since.  In comparison with most of these lists, Garden Terms is quite large:  it contains more than 2,300 terms and their definitions; when combined with the botanical information found in Botanary, the number of entries exceeds 15,000.

    Most importantly, Garden Terms is written for and by gardeners and remains an ongoing, ever-changing and growing repository of information.  We welcome new terms, new definitions and images from any registered user!

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    Can I add a new word to Garden Terms?

    Sure!  Once you've checked to make sure it's not already listed, you can add it through the link on the homepage.  You can then add a definition and/or image.

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    Do I have to be a subscribed member to use this feature?

    No.  It's readily available for anyone to use. You need to log in under your registered username (registering is free) to add a new word or definition.

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    How do I add an image to an entry?

    Once you've located the entry for the proper term, click on "add a definition".  Enter your description or comment, then click on the "browse" button. This will open up a new window displaying your hard drive.  Locate your image you wish to upload, then press "Preview".  If you're happy with the entry, press "Submit".  It will be automatically uploaded and available for all readers to access.

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    What if I make a mistake, or find an error made by someone else?

    Use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom, and be sure to tell us specifically which entry contains the error, and what the error is.  One of our editors will review and make any necessary corrections.

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    I've read this FAQ and I still have a question about Garden Terms!

    Use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom and tell us your question.  We'll do our best to answer your question promptly. Subscribed members can also post their question in any appropriate discussion forum (DG, Garden Talk, etc.) for peer-to-peer assistance.

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