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Good Rating By dave on Aug 16, 2004 9:23 AM Excellent member and certainly reputable for trading.
Good Rating By IndaShade on Aug 16, 2004 11:18 AM Among the best DG has to offer. Trade with confidence!
Good Rating By farmgirl21 on Aug 16, 2004 12:20 PM always happy with her trades
Good Rating By vic on Aug 16, 2004 3:37 PM EXCELLENT Trader. One of DG's BEST!
Good Rating By Paulwhwest on Aug 16, 2004 8:14 PM Great trader!
Good Rating By elyearcrazy on Aug 16, 2004 9:10 PM she sent me the biggest plants I ever got in the male.... Thanks
Good Rating By DonnaB on Aug 16, 2004 11:05 PM Fabulous trader. Super plants. Very generous. One of the best
Good Rating By Melissa_Ohio on Aug 16, 2004 11:36 PM A VERY generous trader!!
Good Rating By lincolnitess on Aug 17, 2004 9:12 AM Very generous and kind trader. Thanks!!!!
Good Rating By marclay on Aug 17, 2004 4:57 PM Very generous person in sharing with others
Good Rating By mystic on Aug 17, 2004 5:10 PM Along time trading buddy, I have never been disappointed in a trade. Generous and great plants.
Good Rating By poppysue on Aug 18, 2004 1:10 AM excellent trader
Good Rating By darius on Aug 18, 2004 7:38 PM Unexpectedly and unasked, Badseed sent me a plant someone else didn't want to swap to me for postage. Moreover, she sent several other plants included. Now how much better could THAT be?
Good Rating By Brugie on Aug 19, 2004 4:17 PM Have had several trades....all wonderful. Very good trader.
Good Rating By cacolos on Aug 27, 2004 6:23 PM what a delight to trade with !!! thanks
Good Rating By Joan on Aug 31, 2004 3:00 PM Excellent and Generous trader. Helped me out several times.
Good Rating By Sue_WA on Sep 1, 2004 2:40 PM Great trader!! Very generous and has great plants!!
Good Rating By BittysGarden on Sep 7, 2004 2:00 AM Very generous person in sharing.
Good Rating By Dravencat on Sep 30, 2004 11:40 PM Very generous, kind and wouldnt hesitate to trade with again
Good Rating By MollyMc on Oct 6, 2004 5:09 PM Very generous and thoughtful lady. Excellent and timely trade. A+++++
Good Rating By delecie on Oct 15, 2004 3:04 PM A wonderfully generous person. I received more plants than I expected. Thank-you Chele! :-)
Good Rating By motts1 on Oct 31, 2004 12:17 PM Lovely plants-again; pleasure to garden with.
Good Rating By mns2lv4ever on Nov 22, 2004 7:13 PM Beautiful Plants, Very fast and curtious...Thank You
Good Rating By RikerBear on Feb 22, 2005 5:07 PM Wonderful seed swap....would gladly trade with her anytime. A+++
Good Rating By PudgyMudpies on Mar 1, 2005 11:45 AM A real pleasure to trade with. Very generous too, sent far beyond the agreed trade.
Good Rating By Kendalia on Apr 2, 2005 8:52 AM Badseed is the best. She should call herself Greatseed. Generous, prompt, kind and helpful--all these describe Badseed.
Good Rating By Hellobebe on May 8, 2005 7:45 AM Sent air potato for postage, generous and helpful, her feedback says it all! A wonderful person, thanks!
Good Rating By juttz on May 10, 2005 3:08 PM Michelle was my first trade on DG and shes wonderful...I hope we will have many years of trading
Good Rating By mysticwill on May 29, 2005 10:16 PM Badseed rocks!!!! great trade!!
Good Rating By Kim_M on Jun 26, 2005 7:25 PM Very Nice Trade. Thanks so much the Plants are lovely!
Good Rating By Cynthia59P on Jul 19, 2005 11:46 PM A+++ transaction. Great trader! Great correspondence! Great Plants! Thanks!
Good Rating By jab91864 on Aug 24, 2005 9:36 PM Great to deal with , Thankyou , so generous !!!
Good Rating By gingerjar on Sep 16, 2005 12:23 PM very pleasant trade experience-received great plants and extra
Good Rating By Eglantyne on Sep 21, 2005 2:22 PM Michele is DELIGHTFUL,FRIENDLY and I would think GREAT to meet.A SMOOTH TRANSACTION all around :-)))
Good Rating By emh48 on Sep 29, 2005 1:56 PM Very generous person in sharing..Thanks Michele
Good Rating By Calif_Sue on Sep 30, 2005 12:58 AM A great plant lover and excellant trader. A joy to know!
Good Rating By georgiagarden3 on Oct 22, 2005 6:49 PM Wonderful plants ,great shipping.....Thank you!
Good Rating By knotimpaired on Nov 3, 2005 5:20 AM Badseed to a bad girl. lol She spoils you and sends way too much. She is far too generous. Thank you badseed.
Good Rating By vossner on Apr 24, 2006 12:38 AM sent 3 plants I really, really wanted. Such a good garden buddy, dependable and sharp as a tack. A+
Good Rating By se_eds on May 5, 2006 8:24 PM She sends excellent, fully rooted plants - a large clump and a bonus. She must be one of the most generous folks on the forums. Thanks, Badseed
Good Rating By lovesdaylilies on May 10, 2006 12:28 PM perfect trade! she is very generous! plants are great and healthy!
Good Rating By KillerChihuahua on May 24, 2006 6:02 PM Wow! The plants look fabulous and they arrived in perfect condition, and she sent a bonus too! A generous trader with outstanding plants.
Good Rating By irishbelle on Jun 10, 2006 9:35 AM Michele sent a beautiful, big plant for the trade and then threw in an equally wonderful bonus in a different color -- DG trades like this are better than xmas! Thank you so much.
Good Rating By Marylyn_TX on Jun 14, 2006 11:03 AM I sent her three weeds (well, it was a philo and 2 elephant ear pups.. weeds to me! LOL) and she sent back oodles of beautiful caladium plants and bulbs! VERY generous! Thank you, Michele!!!
Good Rating By Vizz8 on Sep 16, 2006 6:20 PM Wonderful trade.. fast, excellent plants... DG's A+
Good Rating By kathyvm on Oct 9, 2006 7:08 PM Great Trader! Sent generous amount of healthy plants. Well packaged and labeled. Sent freebies too.
Good Rating By pdoyle23323 on Oct 13, 2006 10:41 PM very pleased! generous person Thanks alot!!
Good Rating By bloomaholic on Oct 28, 2006 5:24 PM Very grateful for her willingness to help out a fellow DGer and take over finishing up a co-op. Fantastic job!
Good Rating By makshi on Nov 3, 2006 9:24 AM Sent very generous rhizome. Thank you for trading
Good Rating By dmac085 on Nov 4, 2006 11:19 PM Awesome job handling a Brent&Beck bulb coop. Very pleasant, upbeat and organized! A pleasure to participate.
Good Rating By LaLambchop on Dec 4, 2006 7:08 AM Michele is one of the jewels of Dave's Garden. Great to work with and fun!
Good Rating By bigcityal on Feb 4, 2007 12:34 PM Michele is a super duper trader that went out her way to do more than she had to. Thanks 'Chele
Good Rating By MudGirl on Apr 20, 2007 9:24 AM Traded 5/2006---all good! Would trade again!
Good Rating By 9kittymom on Jun 7, 2007 2:05 AM Bought some wonderful plants thru classifieds! Very pleased!! 9kitty purrrrrrs to her! =^..^=
Good Rating By cannagirl on Jun 8, 2007 6:16 AM Generous trader, very helpful on gardening information. Wonderful person to deal with. Thank you!
Good Rating By Gourd on Jul 9, 2007 3:41 AM Very Generous person and sent me extras.. Thank you for the daylillies and also for the great plants in your store. Will keep my eyes open for your sales.
Good Rating By Cordeledawg on Jul 21, 2007 7:44 AM Great DGer and wonderful dl plants for postage. So excited to have a piece of Michelle's garden.
Good Rating By Hyblaean on Sep 13, 2007 7:32 PM Not a trade, but sent me 2 daylilies for free. Which are now growing into monsters!! Thanks for your generosity, Badseed!
Good Rating By LeBug on Sep 28, 2007 10:55 PM I loved her 'couple of daylilies' trade, there were about 7 of them, thanks badseed you are so generous!
Good Rating By JanLynn on Oct 16, 2007 1:40 PM Offered canna tubers (2 different kinds!!!) for the cost of postage and I rec'd within a week of asking---THANK YOU SO MUCH Michele!!!
Good Rating By Salvia_girl on May 20, 2008 9:40 PM Thanks Badseed, it was probably bad taste on my part to make light of someone's problem,Fella. Ps. this site is so addictive
Good Rating By jlp222 on Jul 1, 2008 2:22 AM I purchased the "Pick 6 Sun Coleus" and could not be more pleased. My items arrived in 3 days in perfect condition. Thanks so much! Jennifer
Good Rating By tggfisk on Jul 30, 2008 6:32 PM Such a wonderful seller. Great plants, super shipping and very generous, Thanks!!
Good Rating By figaro52 on May 1, 2010 8:39 PM Wonderful and very generous trading partner. I received a very nice classic daylily clump along with 2 bonus plants which were also of excellent quality! I look forward to future trades with Michele!
Good Rating By janaestone on May 12, 2010 8:56 AM Excellent trade! I love the iris fans - huge & healthy - I will trade with you anytime!
Good Rating By carpathiangirl on May 12, 2010 7:01 PM Wonderful trade, great plants, huge and healthy. Thanks Michele, hope to trade again!
Good Rating By gardenlady123 on May 24, 2010 9:36 AM GREAT trader would trade again in a heartbeat!!! Communication great, sent lovely Iris. Thanks a bunch.
Good Rating By christmascactus on May 25, 2010 4:52 AM Sweet caring lady, Very generous, Super plants, Prompt
Good Rating By poisondartfrog on Apr 28, 2011 5:39 PM Fun and friendly trader sends luscious plants!
Good Rating By shihtzumom on Jun 16, 2011 1:25 PM EXCELLENT DGer, sends huge trades, fun conversation and great communication. One of the best members I have ever come across. Thanks for teaching me how to be a good plant trader when I joined!
Good Rating By Inthegarden on Jul 13, 2011 9:10 PM Lovely healthy coleus plants! Very generous and good communication.