As an organic gardener, I love gardening gifts. Nothing makes me happier than a new pair of pruners or a fun gardening gadget. If you have an organic gardener on your list, here are 10 gift ideas for organic gardeners to make your shopping easier.

1. Garden Gloves

Garden gloves come in a wide range of prices, which is why they are number one on my list. Every gardener needs an extra pair of gloves. Some gardeners need a few extra pairs. Gloves get lost, torn, and generally abused, which means you can give garden gloves to your favorite gardeners year after year without fear of repetition. From light cloth gloves to heavy duty pruning gloves and thick leather brush gloves, the only limit is your budget.

2. Hand Hoes

Organic gardeners steer clear of conventional herbicides. This means we spend a lot of our time fighting the weeds that inevitably creep into our carefully tended beds. Hand hoes are our best friends, and we can never have too many lying around.

If you are not familiar with the different types of hand hoes, don't worry. This hand hoe from Jonny's Seeds (my personal favorite seed company) is a good start. It slices through most weeds with its sharp edge and the tip is useful for digging up the roots of particularly stubborn weeds. You could also gift a short handled wire weeder to help your gardening loved ones keep up on smaller weeds without disturbing their vegetable plants.

3. Felco Pruners

The Felco website states that "once you've tried a Felco pruner, there is no going back." While I am always leery of false advertising, Felco is right. The ergonomic feel of a Felco pruner is without compare in its price range. Gardeners that do a lot of pruning will appreciate the feel of these pruners for years to come.

4. Plastic Owl

Not only will you enjoy wrapping this life-size plastic owl in festive wrapping paper, but the organic gardener in your life will love the way it scares off pests. Smaller birds and rodents do their best to avoid owls at all costs. A scary plastic owl keeps pests out of the garden humanely and helps your friends preserve their hard-earned harvest. Plastic snakes also help keep rodents out of the vegetable patch. Just make sure your friend does not have a fear of snakes. These plastic models look very realistic.

5. Rain Gauge

The weather has been a little unpredictable lately, and with El Nino in the forecast gardeners need all the help they can get. Rain gauges help gardeners keep track of precipitation, influencing how much they need to water their gardens. This helps prevent water waste in areas experiencing drought and overwatering in wetter climates.

6. Digging Fork

If you have ever wondered how your gardening friends and family members get their carrots out of the ground, the answer is a digging fork. These short-handled tools are invaluable to organic vegetable gardeners and are the best way to harvest root vegetables like carrots, parsnips, and potatoes.

7. Compost Pail

Tasteful compost pails might confuse and even disgust those not familiar with organic gardening, but they will delight your organic gardening enthusiast. Compost is essential to the organic gardening process, and there is no better way to collect kitchen scraps than a tasteful stainless steel or pottery compost pail, complete with odor-stopping filters. Composting gifts for organic gardeners show them how much you care about their passion.

8. Compost Thermometer

A great companion to the compost pail is a compost thermometer. Organic gardeners are crazy about composting. Compost is gardening gold and the key to soil fertility. For those who make their own compost, keeping tabs on the temperature of the compost pile is one of the keys to rich compost. A compost thermometer makes this easy. If your loved one spends time scoping out the neighbors' leaf piles and talking fondly about manure, this is the gift for her.

9. Trowel

Trowels, those little hand-held shovels, have a way of losing themselves. Every gardener needs a few trowels in the garden shed. Organic gardeners tend to do lots of transplanting, whether it's vegetables or flowers. Trowels are essential to this process. There are even specialized trowels just for transplanting.

10. A Gift Certificate To An Organic Seed Company

Sometimes a gift certificate is the safest option for the gardener who has it all. Gift certificates allow gardeners to select the tools or seeds they need, guaranteeing they get what they want. It is tempting to just give your gardening friend a few packets of seeds and call it a day. With organic gardeners, gift certificates might be a better idea. Don't waste time worrying about whether the seeds you chose were organic enough, or of a variety your loved one wants to grow. Instead, put the gift certificate in an envelope or garden themed seed tin with a note reading "seed money." This way, your friend knows the gift certificate is intended for seeds, and he gets to choose the seeds that work best in his garden.

Gardeners are easy to shop for. Surprise the organic gardeners on your list with one or more of these gifts this holiday season. They won't be disappointed.