Shopping for friends and family with a hobby like vegetable gardening is easy. Gardeners always need new tools, supplies, and seeds. As a vegetable gardener myself, here are 10 gift ideas for vegetable gardeners I guarantee will earn you a basket of fresh produce this summer.

1. Herb And Strawberry Planters

Herb planters are tasteful plant pots, usually ceramic, with multiple planting locations that allow gardeners to plant multiple herbs in the same container. This makes watering and harvesting simple and it also saves garden space. These planters work well for strawberries, too. If you're lucky, your friend might even thank you with a gift of fresh strawberries or strawberry jam in the spring.

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2. Garden Tool Bags

Garden tools tend to wander off on their own to rust beneath begonias and other shrubs. Help your vegetable gardening friends stay on top of their tools with a garden tool bag. This gift for gardeners is affordable and even lets you tuck in a few smaller gifts. Stick some hand tools, gloves, and seed packets in the tool bag for a little extra holiday cheer.

This tough and handy tool bag has 8 outside pockets to hold most any hand tool.

3. Garden Hod

Gardeners bring their harvest into the kitchen in a variety of creative ways. I have personally used buckets, baskets, and I confess even my shirtfront to transport produce from the garden to the table. A few years ago someone gave me a garden hod. It changed everything. Hods are attractive baskets designed with gardening in mind. The handle is comfortable to hold and the coated wire basket is easy to clean. Like a garden tool bag, hods make excellent gifts on their own or stuffed with other garden goodies.

Harvest and rinse your vegetables with this all in one garden hod

4. Stoneware Crock

If the vegetable gardener on your list enjoys pickling and fermenting their produce to make pickles and sauerkraut, then the best gardening gift for them is a nice stoneware crock. These crocks make pickling and fermenting tasteful and delicious. The crockery is as aesthetically pleasing as the end result is on your taste buds.

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5. Garden Cart

If you have a slightly larger budget for your holiday shopping list, a garden cart or wheelbarrow is an invaluable gardening tool. I am a firm believer that no gardener should be without a wheelbarrow and a garden cart. Wheelbarrows are useful for moving organic materials like mulch, soil, gravel, and manure. Garden carts make transporting seedling flats and plants much easier than carrying things by hand.

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6. Hand Tools

Hand tools run a range of prices from cheap garden gifts to high-quality tools designed to last a lifetime. If you are looking for cheap garden gifts, consider a simple hand trowel. These little shovels are incredibly useful in the garden and costs anywhere from $15 to $50.

Hand hoes and hand weeders are among my favorite gifts. Each weeding tool targets different kinds of weeds, and every gardener needs a few in his or her arsenal. Wire weeders, pronged weeders, tined weeders and knife weeders will all delight your gardener.

Hand cultivators also make great gifts. These tools loosen the soil to make it easier for your vegetable gardening loved one to plant their seedlings, putting you one step closer to sharing in the bounty of their harvest.

Hand pruners and snips maintain order in unruly gardens and assist in the harvest. Herb snips and tomato pruners are surefire gifts for vegetable gardeners, especially if you also gift a hand sharpener to keep an edge on their blades.

Gardeners know that Felco brand tools are some of the best and built for a lifetime of use. These pruners are on sale right now and this is perfect timing.

These little hand weeders are a lot of bang for very few bucks. They make short work of dandelions and other lawn weeds without much mess.

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7. Seed Storage Tins

Gardeners love keeping their treasured seeds in order. Seeds need to be stored out of direct sunlight and away from humid areas. The best way to ensure your friend keeps their seeds properly stored is providing them with a tasteful seed tin. Most seed companies carry their own tins. Farm and garden stores also make beautiful and practical seed tins, or you can look on websites like Etsy to find hand-crafted models. Consider including a gift certificate to a seed store inside the tin for an inspired holiday gift.

Here's a pack of 40 hinged tins that you can customize to make your own garden seed saving containers.

8. Bee House

Bees are a vegetable gardener's best friend. Many vegetable plants require pollination by bees to produce those home grown vegetables we all love. With honey be populations in critical condition in the U.S. and around the world, a bee house not only helps your friend's garden, it also helps the environment. Bee houses come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many are on the lower end of the price range, making them great gardening gifts at an affordable price.

Here's a premium beekeeping kit that has everything you need and it is over 40% off right now.

9. Portable Greenhouse

Portable and pop-up greenhouses provide gardeners with all of the benefits of a greenhouse without the hassle of a permanent structure. Portable greenhouses are ideal for vegetable gardeners with limited space. You can set them up on patios, porches, or in the garden and then take them down when they are no longer in use. Plus they are significantly more affordable than a real greenhouse.

This 12'x7'x7' pop up greenhouse is perfect for late winter/early spring gardening and is 25% off right now

10. Gardening Gloves

You can never go wrong with the gift of gardening gloves. Vegetable gardeners spend a great deal of time handling dirt and other coarse material. Blisters and cuts are par for the course unless a gardener keeps a pair of gloves handy at all times. As a gardener, I assure you that your gardening loved one can never have too many pairs of garden gloves. Soft cloth gloves work well for general garden tasks and heavy duty leather gloves help gardeners battle back raspberries, brush and roses.

American made, buffalo leather gardening gloves are so tough and durable, they'll save your hands through the roughest tasks.

When you buy gifts for vegetable gardeners, you know you are helping something grow. Take a break from shopping for the latest gadgets and electronics and focus on what the holidays are really about - growing families, growing friendships, and growing food to fuel them both.

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