If you are lucky enough to live in a beautiful area like the Missouri Ozarks, you will probably say spring, which is full of vibrant colored flowers and new critters, or summer because you can enjoy the many lakes in the area, or fall for the gorgeous changing colors of the trees, and then there is winter, which I guess some people enjoy because snow is pretty. I am not a fan. Snow is cold and wet and winter is too long if you ask me. After a long, cold winter, just the anticipation of springtime is worth it. But when it finally gets here it never seems to be around long enough. So, this spring you should try to slow down and enjoy it. Come on, it’s time to pack up those winter coats and boots and start thinking about some ways to make this spring the best one yet.

raccoon in a gardenSpringtime is About New Life

No matter you live, springtime is a time of new growth whether it is the beautiful flowers like Daffodils, Crocus, and Tulips, or the wild critters like chipmunks, foxes, beavers, and deer. It’s pretty hard not to be in a good mood when you see colorful blooms and adorable little balls of fur running around in the back yard. My favorites are the raccoons. Even though I know it is not a good idea, we have been feeding the Ozark raccoons for seven years and every spring they bring their little ones up on the deck to learn where the easy food is. And every year we cannot resist taking tons of pictures and posting them on Facebook so some people can tell me that we should not feed the wildlife. We have foxes too. They have gotten a bit tame and even come up on the deck if they cannot find food in the yard. I am surprised these critters don’t eat each other but I guess we are saving them from doing that since we give them plenty of food. Anyway, here are some good ideas on how to enjoy your spring this year and make it better than it ever was.

colorful perennial bedStart a Garden

Of course, since this is a gardening website, it would be surprising if you do not already have a garden. But if you don’t, now is a good time to start. It is pretty easy to do whether you have ever grown anything before or not. With the internet, you can learn how to do anything nowadays. Google how to grow a garden and you will get about 396,000,000 results. Seriously, I just did it. So, you should have no problem getting started. Pick a spot, get the soil ready, buy some flowers (Petunias and Pansies are the easiest), and plant them. That’s it. You are done and you have a bunch of beautiful flowers to look at while you sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.

root vegetablesGrow Some Vegetables

Whether or not you have a flower garden, a vegetable garden is also a great idea. The good thing about vegetable gardens is that you get to eat what you grow. You can pick up some tomato or pepper seedlings to plant from your local gardening store or big box store like Walmart. Or you can grow vegetables from seed if you like, whether you start them early indoors and transfer them outside when its time or just planting seeds directly out in your garden, you are likely to have something good to eat in no time.

waterfall in a gardenBuild a Water Feature

Whether you have a garden or not, a water feature is always something awesome to have in your yard. You don’t have to hire someone to dig you a lake or anything. Just dig a hole, layer it with plastic, toss some clean rocks in the bottom, and fill it with water. If you want to have fish or anything in your water feature, it may take a bit more effort than that but if you just want a small pond for the local birds or other wildlife it is pretty easy.

birds at a bird feederFeed the Birds

Speaking of birds, how about putting out some bird feeders in your yard? Watching the birds enjoy some sunflower seeds or suet bricks is a wonderful and relaxing thing to do any day of the week. In my area, the top ten birds of spring include the American Robin, Chickadees, Carolina Wrens, Eastern Bluebirds, Finches, Orioles, Hummingbirds, Sparrows, the Tufted Titmouse, and White-Breasted Nuthatches. They all love filling up on seeds and they would also enjoy a birdbath. But if you have a water feature, they can just use that.

person hiking on a trailGo Hiking

No matter where you live, there is always a place to hike. Whether you want a short walk or a long, strenuous hike in the woods, you can find one nearby by looking on the internet or asking your local parks department. Or, if you live in the country and have some land, you can just go on a hike in your own yard. Grab a backpack of water, some snacks, and a first aid kit, put on your hiking shoes, and get out there and soak up some sun. If you live out here in the Missouri Ozarks, check out my article about hiking for some excellent trails you can check out around here. And enjoy your spring!