Thanksgiving is approaching at a steady pace, and while you may not have thought much about it yet, now is the perfect time for you to start brainstorming the centerpiece that you want to use for your Thanksgiving table. Whether you're looking to set up a more traditional table or go a bit more modern, there are plenty of centerpiece ideas that can fit your needs.

Cake Plates

Layers can make any centerpiece more interesting to the eye. You can stack two pedestal cake plates on top of each other to create these layers. These cake plates don't have to be the same. In fact, it can look more arresting if they are different. If one cake plate is larger than the other, then they can stack nicely into a shape that looks like a fountain. You can then arrange any number of items around the stack of the cake plates; crackers and cheese, flowers, leaves, nuts, pine cones, and fruit are among the many delicious foods you can use to make a lovely, functional, and edible centerpiece.

Gourd or Pumpkin Planter

pumpkin thanksgiving centerpiece

Flowers are a common centerpiece for a Thanksgiving table, but if you're looking to put a different twist on this traditional centerpiece, you can create your own planter.

You'll need a fresh pumpkin or gourd, preferably one that isn't too large but will fit in the space in the center of your table easily. You can either clean out the insides to fit longer stemmed flowers into this planter, or you can turn this pumpkin or gourd into a succulent garden.

To make the succulent garden, you won't need to empty out the planter. You'll want to find one that is relatively flat on the top. Use some adhesive spray on the pumpkin, and then adhere some sphagnum moss in layers that are about 1/2-inch thick where you’ve spread this glue. Clip some succulent rosettes in a variety of sizes, textures, and colors while leaving about an inch or so of the stem. You will want to use a bit of glue from a glue gun on the bottom of the succulent rosettes while leaving the stem clear. You can then arrange them as you like upon the top of the pumpkin or gourd. This arrangement will last a while as long as you lightly spritz the succulents as needed to keep them alive. When it’s no longer a viable planter, you can remove the moss and replant the succulents.

Container Creative

Another idea for ditching the traditional vase for your floral arrangements is to use some creative containers. An antique pitcher with a pretty design or arresting color can be a good choice to spice things up a bit. Another fun idea that’s very creative is to use a beautiful teapot. Think outside of the box when it comes to a container for your centerpiece. A wooden bowl or cutting board can make a lovely centerpiece when arranged with a variety of Thanksgiving-themed items.


thanksgiving cornucopia centerpiece

The cornucopia is a truly traditional centerpiece that can still be gorgeous today. You may be able to find one that you can purchase at a retail store. You can fill it with a nice variety of gourds, flowers, or other harvest-themed items. If you’re unable to find a cornucopia at a local store, you also could make one using newspaper and plaster of Paris. After it’s dried in the horn shape you are looking to achieve, you’ll be able to decorate it with paint and other touches.

Kid’s Crafting

There’s nothing that says holidays more than children. Get your kids or grandkids involved in creating a great centerpiece that can be just as stunning as the other ideas on this list. One project would be to have them craft their own tree. Have them gather small sticks from the yard and draw leaves to attach to the sticks. This makes a very visually pleasing centerpiece.


thanksgiving centerpiece with table runner

Rather than having just one centerpiece in the center of the table, you may want to consider using a runner to create a swath of table in the center that is meant for decorations. You can place a lovely runner that contrasts with your tablecloth to be visually appealing. Then you can arrange items on the runner. For example, placed in the middle of the runner could be a large centerpiece that holds food, artfully arranged with candles on either side of it would look stunning — especially if followed by smaller centerpieces holding flowers on the ends. Symmetry is a beautiful accent when using this type of centerpiece.

These are just a few stunning ideas to get you started on an amazing Thanksgiving centerpiece that wows your friends and family on the big day. The beautiful thing about decorating for the holidays means that you can come up with ideas that are as unique as you are and represent your interpretation of the holiday.