Our annual photo contest is one of the most anticipated events of our year here at DG. Members from around the world save their best images just for our end of the year event. We ha e some talented photographers here and it is always exciting to see what they have been shooting.

Gardens and photography go together and it is only natural to want to preserve the beauty of what we see each day as we go through the seasons. Sometimes it is a special flower or an interesting insect. Other times we turn our cameras to the skies and shoot beautiful sunrises, sunsets and moonscapes.

Gardeners are some of the most attentive observers and we are also artists, painting our world with foliage and flowers. We make our world more beautiful and our images reflect that. The winners of our photo contest represent the best our member's talent and we honor them each year by creating a calendar with the winning images. Each winner receives a calendar along with a year's subscription. When we create the calendar, the image that received the most votes overall is the one that we place on the cover and this year that honor goes to member 'C_A_Ivy' with the lovely image that won in the Fruits and Vegetables category. The calendars are available on the Zazzle website if anyone would like to purchase one, here is the link. We also have some other items for sale that would make great gifts for a friend...or yourself!

Please take a few minutes to enjoy the winning images and if you click on the titles, the link will take you to the contest page where you'll be able to view the runners-up as well.

Thanks to everyone who participated and for making this a wonderful year. Best wishes for 2018!

fruits and veggies

Fruits and Vegetables: Photographer, C_A_Ivy

annual and perennial

Annual and Perennial Flowers: Photographer, 'sgitlin'


Birds: Photographer, 'ttkc'


Bulbs, Tubers and Corms: Photographer, 'sunkissed'


Butterflies, Caterpillars and Moths: Photographer, 'sgitlin'


Container Gardens: Photographer, 'oxdriftgardener'


Cacti and Succulents: Photographer, 'sgitlin'


Domestic Pets and Animals: Photographer, 'JulieQ'


Foliage, Seeds, Mosses and Fungi: Photographer, 'C_A_Ivy'


Garden Art and Outdoor Structures: Photographer, "JulieQ'


Insects (other than butterflies and moths): Photographer. 'Loretta_NJ'


Landscapes and Seasons: Photographer, 'lindaapark'


Private Gardens and Personal Landscaping: Photographer, 'oxdriftgardener'


Roses: Photographer, 'Loretta_NJ'


Sunrises, Sunsets and Moonscapes: Photographer, "sgitlin'


Tropicals and Houseplants: Photographer, 'Audrey'


Water Gardens and Water Features: Photographer, 'oxdriftgardener'


Weird, Funny and Miscellaneous: Photographer, 'danmo'


Wildlife (other than birds): Photographer, 'Fizgig777'