Once again we celebrate the harvest season. Our 10th Pixel County Fair was a great success and there were a number of wonderful entries. Our membership is talented and creative and we love to showcase their gifts. We want to thank everyone who participated, whether you entered the categories or helped by voting, everyone who stopped in is deeply appreciated.

Harvest festivals and fairs have been around for thousands of years and it is only fitting that we move into the cyber world with a fair that makes everyone a local. Our entries come from around the world. No matter where you live or how urban your home is, this fair has at least one category that you can enter. We celebrate the bounty of the land and the creativeness of our members.

As always, the winners, runners-up and all the other entries were wonderful and we're proud to showcase them here in this article. Please click on the winning image titles to see a full-sized version and the runners-up. We also invite you to start gathering you finest photos for our Annual Photo Contest that kicks off on October 1st. The winners of that contest are featured on our Dave's Garden Calendar. The 2020 version will be stunning without a doubt.

Below are the winning images. We hope you enjoy this feast for the eyes and please let the winners know how much you enjoyed their entries.

Favorite Farm Animal by GaAnne

colt peeking from behind tree

Favorite Poultry by Audrey

ducks in a row

Favorite Domestic Pets by Panhandletrops

white cat on white fur rug

Favorite Fresh Vegetable by MarilynneS

ears of sweet corn

Favorite Fresh Fruit by Flapdoodle

bowl of strawberries

Favorite Canned or Preserved Foods by patrob

canned salsa

Favorite Sweet Treats by Audrey

lemon pie

Favorite Arts and Crafts by RosinaBloom

stone covered birdhouse

Favorite Quilt by YoYo1

sunbonnet sue quilt

Favorite Flower Arrangement by PAgirl60

roses and phlox in a pitcher

Favorite Balcony or Patio Garden by oxdriftgardener

japanese garden

Favorite Barn by cdnscot

red barn by a pond

Favorite Vegetable Garden by Flapdoodle

vegetable garden