The Covid-19 Pandimic has changed everything this year

This has been such a strange year. We've had the virus pandemic that has effectively shut down the whole world, murder hornets, weird shortages and natural disasters. Many of us are hurting, emotionally and financially. Schools look very different than they did just a year ago and many children are simply learning virtually from home. A number of us who are still in the workforce are doing our jobs from home offices as well. As it is, we can all agree that we never want to have this experience again. However, many of us have learned new skills or have revived old ones. People made bread, planted gardens, learned to knit or quilt and there are so many people canning and freezing fruits and vegetables that there is a huge shortage of supplies. We thought a fun contest showing off what you all have been doing would be nice.

Our Pandemic Projects Contest entries covered a wide range of projects

The entries were wonderful and ranged from huge outdoor projects to smaller handwork and a number of the entries featured foods and items created to thank our first responders. We've been thankful for their service and generous with our gratitude. Our entries were submitted from a number of countries and as usual, we have a multi-national group of winners. We are so proud of all who entered and thank everyone for their participation. Below are the winners and runners-up with a brief description explaining what they are. Please take some time and scroll through them. Our 1st Place winner received a $100 Amazon gift card, 2nd Place a $75 card, 3rd place a $50 card and the 5 runners-up received $25 cards each. They also received various months of DG subscriptions.

Don't forget our Annual Photo Contest coming up in a couple of weeks!

We also invite you to enter our final contest of the year. On October 5th, our Annual Photo Contest will open. It has been around for decades and is probably the most anticipated DG contest that we have. Winners are featured on our DG calendar and the 2021 edition will no doubt, be as spectacular as all the rest. Each winner receives a calendar as well as a DG subscription. Entries come from around the world and there's sure to be a category that you'll find is perfect for your picture.

Presenting the winners of the 2020 Pandemic Projects Contest

1st Place goes to Oxdriftgardener.

He states: "2020 had already been chosen last fall as the year for a complete makeover of our vegetable garden. It involved replacing older 1'high raised beds with 3' high beds and adding a deer fence. It certainly kept us well occupied through the peak of the Pandemic and material deliveries were challenging."

first place garden

2nd Place goes to SkyWalker1

They say:" Since the pandemic, I made over 1000 cookies for healthcare professionals and friends. Two healthcare family members told me they were so busy treating patients, they didn’t have the time to eat. When friends expressed depressing statements about the lockdown, I cheered them up by delivery of some cookies"

2nd place contest

3rd Place goes to Katy_McBell

They say: "My Grandma passed away in early March, just before lock down began. I was given her quilting racks upon which I made this blanket. It was so lovely to have the time to spend working at a craft which she enjoyed so much over the years."

3rd place contest

Runner-up from vincicle

"We call this our "pond-demic project" :) which included the entire front yard landscaping, building the pond, installation of the deck and pergola, and the boardwalk. This was 100% DIY and a first for us. We have had so much fun with this project, and have learned a ton! "

runner up

Runner-up by: pinladychar

"I used my photos from my yard and made cards."

runner up

Runner-up by: BlossomMom

"With a limited budget, some hand-me-down items & determination, I dug a hole & made a pond. Built a boggy-plant pond filter with a pot & plants. Added some ancient bricks & stones laying around the yard & made a patio/pond oasis from the pandemic in my wooded hillside backyard. "

runner up

Runner-up by: Sharplant

"Using plans found on the Web, my Sweetie & I created this Kitty Abode using leftover house paint & shingles. It features a front lanai, front & rear Parisian oilcloth flaps for easy access, & catnip-scented towels inside. Just the thing for the stylin' neighborhood ferals guarding our Garden!"

runner up

Runner-up by: Keyholer 2020

"This is my conversion to a keyhole garden after discovering the concept a few months ago. I began composting in 2004 to address waste, but it took ALL my 4 X 8 raised bed space a few years ago! This solution combines both in one spot for me! I will plant in a few days after the soil settles."

runner up