The DG Annual Photo Contest is unique

The DG Annual Photo Contest is the highlight of our year. Members save their best images all year for this friendly competition. Unlike most photo competitions, the membership is judge and jury and the winners can take heart that their fellow members voted their images as their favorites. The contest is open to all members, no matter where they live and just by looking over the entries, we see the whole world represented and the winners hale from around the globe as well! It is a special treat to see the beautiful images from places we would never be able to visit and take a peek into the lives of our friends we only know by their screen names.

What our winners receive

The winners that you chose make up our calendar and the 2021 edition is stunning. Each winning image is featured and the image that receives the most votes overall has the honor of being our cover image. This year, that honor goes to 'ohiogardens' and the wonderful image of their fresh pepper harvest. Every winner receives a calendar of their own and a year's subscription to the premium areas of DG. Runners-up in second and third place, receive six and three months subscriptions accordingly. Those who have won in years past, often save their calendars as keepsakes. You are more than welcome to purchase a calendar for yourself. The link to the Zazzle page is here. Winners who would like extras for friends and family often order a few more as well. This time of year, there is usually a coupon code for a discount as well.

The 2021 calendar cover image, Fruits and Vegetables by 'ohiogardens'

display with various hot peppers

Our entries are creative and come from around the world

Below are the winning images for 2021. Each title is a link that will take you to the contest page for that category. There, the second place, third place and runners-up are displayed as well. We advise everyone to go take a look as these images are no less worthy. We have some extremely talented photographers here at DG and we love to show off their handiwork. Many of them simply use their phones to capture these wonderful images and never use a regular camera at all. Gardeners are some of the most observant people in the world and are used to creating and enjoying beauty. It is no wonder that our photo contest has such imaginative and lovely images. We see beauty in things that others take for granted and ignore unless we capture the image and show them what they missed. All insects are beautiful, not just the butterflies. There's beauty in dried seed heads and in the way water moves on a pond. It's up to us to show the world and we are happy to do so.

Enjoy the winning images

Join us as we celebrate the end of the season and despite the hardships this year has brought many, we can virtually visit the places and things in these images. Congratulations to the winners and runners-up of the 2020 Annual Photo Contest. Out of the hundreds of pictures entered, these were voted as favorites by the entire population of the Garden.

Annual and Perennial Flowers by skrichar

sunflower against a smoky sky

Scenic Landscapes and Seasons by NStewart10

autumn foliage with a lake

Roses by PNW_D

pink and salmon roses

Tropicals and Houseplants by mygardens

purple african violets

Cacti and Succulents by oxdriftgardener

cacti and succulents

Foliage, Seeds, Mosses and Fungi by HelloMissMary

seed heads against a black background

Bulbs, Corms, Rhizomes and Tubers by Appleford

white bulb blooms

Personal or Private Landscaping and Gardens by Nancyie

personal landscaping back yard

Garden Art and Outdoor Structures by RosinaBloom

wheelbarrow planter

Water Gardens and Water Features by C_A_Ivy

water fall and pond

Container Gardening by oxdriftgardener

container garden

Sunsets, Sunrises and Moonscapes by Earthsista

sunset with pier and pellican

Wildlife (other than birds)by sgitlin

elephant mother and calf

Birds by cpark

mother duck and ducklings

Insects other than Butterflies and Moths by danmo

dragonfly on flowers

Butterflies, Moths and Caterpillars by NStewart10

butterfly on a zinnia

Domestic Pets and Animals by Davesgarden23

two white dogs in the snow

Weird, Funny or Miscellaneous by cpark

running duckling