Our Pixel County Fair is unique

Our Pixel County Fair is a one-of-a-kind harvest celebration. Members from around the world show off their handicrafts, animals and gardens. We vote on our favorites and just like a physical fair, blue ribbons are awarded to the winners. We’ll place these on their profile pages for everyone to see. Winners also receive a great gardening or barbecue apron with the County Fair logo on the front and both winners and runners-up are given 1 year, 6 month and 3 month subscriptions to the premium areas of the community.

There's a category for everyone

We have a number of diverse Pixel County Fair categories so that no matter where you are located or how you garden, there’s at least one, and often more than one category that you can enter. We have the traditional quilts, canned goods and farm animal divisions, however, there’s balcony or patio gardens, flower arrangements and home made sweet treats that pull in entries from all walks of life. Entries come from all over the world and we often have a number of winners that hail from several different countries. It is definitely a fair for everyone.

Congratulations to our winners

Our first place winners are published below, however, do click on the category titles to see the runners-up. We are so proud of everyone who participated and we hope that you enjoy the show. Stay tuned for our Annual Photo Contest coming up in October. This contest closes out our season here at DG and the winners are featured on our 2022 DG calendar. Winners receive a copy of the calendar and there’s a link where you can purchase your own copy or order more for friends and family. Closing out the season with our two most anticipated events is something many of our members plan for and eagerly await. They save their images all year just for the Pixel County Fair and the Annual Photo Contest. Congratulations to the winners and we hope you enjoy the show!

Favorite Farm Animal by RosinaBloom

black and white pig

Favorite Domestic Pet by doghouse

dogs on sofa

Favorite Fresh Vegetable by staciekern

vegetables in a basket

Favorite Fresh Fruit by adinamiti

red cherries in a bowl

Favorite Poultry by RosinaBloom

black chicken

Favorite Canned or Preserved Food by Rise22

home canned foods

Home Made Sweet Treats by Yoyo1

strawberry cheesecake

Favorite Arts and Crafts by PAgirl60

large wooden carvings

Favorite Flower Arrangement by Audrey

flower arrangement

Favorite Quilt by Yoyo1


Favorite Balcony or Patio Garden by oxdriftgardener

patio garden

Favorite Barn by PAgirl60

red barn in snow

Favorite Vegetable Garden by adinamiti

vegetable garden