National Plant a Flower Day is March 12th and it is coming up fast so get ready. What kind of flower are you thinking of planting? There are so many different kinds from annuals to perennials and you can start them from seed, bulb, tuber, or seedling. Actually, some you can just buy in a pot and pretend like you planted it. If you want to be technical, take the flower out of the pot it came in and plant it in another one and you have actually planted a flower. But don’t stop there! Plant some more. You can never have too many flowers.

many flower blossoms displayed on leavesWhat to Plant

If you just want to keep things simple, go ahead and grab a potted plant and pretend you planted it. However, remember that you will have to take care of that flower forever (or until it passes on to flower heaven). But the actual planting a flower day is supposed to be more than that. You are really supposed to be enjoying the beginning of spring by taking a flower (or a bunch of flowers) and planting it in your yard. Now, our weather here in the Missouri Ozarks has been weird so I am not altogether sure that planting anything outdoors on March 12th is a good idea. For example, last week it was over 60 degrees and today it was in the 20s.

So, what you plant really depends on where you live and what the weather is like there. You can go by zones but since Arizona got snow the other day, these zone areas are not as reliable as they once were. Is it global warming? That is a topic for another article. Not one of mine. I don’t want to tackle anything that controversial myself. I like keeping things light. Back to what to plant. If you take a look at your local big box store or garden store you can get a good idea of what you should plant. Most of these places, if they are reputable, have paid attention to the weather and the forecast so they know what is good for your area. Although our Walmart has been known for having plants that will only live in the deep south for some reason so do your homework before you buy.

outdoor planter with many different flowering plantsPerennials or Annuals?

The first thing you should decide is whether you want to plant a perennial or annual. For those who don’t know, the perennials come back year after year and most of them multiply, so I find them to be a much better choice. However, some people like the annuals because they are typically blooming when you buy them, and perennials sometimes take a year or two to get going. And annuals bloom for a lot longer. For example, the Tulips, Daffodils, and Hyacinths I have outside in my garden only bloom for about three weeks at the beginning of spring and the rest of the year they are pretty ugly and boring. Annuals like Petunias, Marigolds, and Impatiens will bloom from the beginning of March when you buy them until August in most areas. In fact, Marigolds are one of the flowers of the month in March and are a favorite of many gardeners.

seedling sprouting in egg carton planterSeeds or Seedlings?

If you want to start a flower from seed, you can go ahead and start it now, or anytime in mid to late February. This is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to plant anything. You can buy a packet of seeds at Walmart for under a dollar and a bag of potting soil for two dollars and plant about 10 to 20 flowers if you want, depending on what kind you choose. Grab some Sunflower seeds and an egg carton and you can plant a dozen Sunflowers. Or Petunias, Impatiens, Marigolds, etc. Just make sure you put them in a sunny area and when they start blooming, you will have to move them outside. If you have grandkids like me (I have 22 of them), you can get them to help and you can sit back and supervise (watch).

potting up a flowering plantPotted Plants

If you don’t want to start a garden or you do not have much lawn space, you can always grow your flowers indoors in pots. I have a potted Lucky Bamboo plant that I keep indoors all the time because it gets too cold out and I have raccoons that like to tear up my potted plants if I put them outside. It is a gorgeous and interesting plant that is supposed to bring happiness and prosperity. I can honestly say that since I have had the plant, we have been happy, healthy, and prosperous so I guess it works.

But since it is actually Plant a Flower Day and not Plant a Plant Day, I suggest you plant a flower. Get a pot, or as many pots as you need, fill it with potting soil (not dirt from outside) and choose which flower (or flowers) you want to share your home with. If you have pets, make sure you do not plant anything that is poisonous and if you do, put it in a place they cannot get to. This can be difficult with cats since they can get to almost any area of the house they want to. Go ahead and plant your favorites and share some pics with us in the comment section below.