Our virtual County Fair was a huge success this year and we thank everyone who entered or voted. The creativity and talent was outstanding and everyone should feel proud of their entries. We're sure it was hard to decide on the favorites and we congratulate those who won. The categories were designed so that no matter where you lived or what your talent consisted of, there was a category where you could participate. Our winners were from all corners of the world and we're so pleased with the international participation. It just goes to prove that no matter where we live, gardens can bring us together as a family.

Pixel County Fair Prizes

Winners will receive a personal water bottle with the County Fair blue ribbon and a year's subscription to our premium forum areas. They also get a County Fair Winner blue ribbon placed on their profile page for all to see. Second and third place winners received 6 month and 4 month subscriptions. The winning images are below and the title of each image links to each category where you can view them and the runners-up. Please take a few minutes and enjoy the lovely pictures from around the world. Even though our Pixel County Fair is a decade old, with public gatherings so rare this year, our virtual county fair is probably one of the few ways for people to celebrate the season and the harvest.

The Pandemic Projects Contest is coming soon!

Participation was significantly up this year and we thought that you all would like an additional contest before we round out the season with our annual Photo Contest in October. We are opening the Pandemic Projects Contest on the 4th of September and there will only be one category. Everyone will be able to enter two projects and the membership will vote on the winners just like all the rest of the ones we've had. Winners will receive Amazon gift cards, with a $100 card going to the overall winner. Second place gets a $75 dollar card. Third place gets a $50 card and we'll have 5, $25 runners-up, so this isn't an insignificant contest. We've all been cooped up for months and many of us have either learned new skills or become re-acquainted with old ones. Have you baked bread, made jelly, built a deck, a birdhouse, or a tree house? What about your vegetable garden or the old car you've been restoring? All of those would make excellent entries in the Pandemic Projects Contest. Have you researched your family history and roots or adopted a pet? Anything that you've occupied your time with this year is what we want to see. We've heard of people cleaning out that shed or garage and re-purposing it for a new activity and there's always needlework or a stack of books you can show us that you've read. The sky's the limit on what you enter. If it has kept you busy during these quarantined months, take a picture. We'd love to see it.

Congratulate our Pixel County Fair Winners

Our County Fair winners are below. We're so proud of the lovely images and hope everyone will take a few minutes to click on the titles and congratulate the winners!

Favorite Poultry by Audrey

three white geese

Favorite Fresh Fruit by hstg001

ripe peaches in a basketFavorite Fresh Vegetables by doghouse

vegetables on a counterFavorite Domestic Pet by TNBEEgolden catFavorite Farm Animal by hstg001

herd of donkeys

Favorite Canned or Preserved Foods by MaypopLaurel

canned and preserved foodsFavorite Homemade Sweet Treats by adinamiti

beautiful cakeFavorite Arts and Crafts by YoYo1

embroideried samplerFavorite Flower Arrangement by Audrey

cut flower arrangementFavorite Balcony or Patio Garden by oxdriftgardener

beautiful patio gardenFavorite Quilt by YoYo1

beautiful quiltFavorite Barn by peachesandolivi

red barn and pastureFavorite Vegetable Garden by oxdriftgardener

raised bed vegetable garden