Our photo contest is long-running and multi-national

Every autumn, we host our Annual Photo Contest and entries arrive from around the world. This year was no different and we have a multi national winner’s circle with a number of countries represented.

Our photo contest is probably one of the longest-running contests of its kind on the internet and we’re so pleased with the level of talent represented. We always have hundreds of entries and the whole population of the Garden gets to vote, so it is definitely a community event. It seems that gardens and photography naturally go together and we have some of the best.

Gardeners make great photographers

Gardeners are naturally creative and are quick to see the beauty in just about everything. From mushrooms in the yard after a rain to tiny frogs and koi ponds, we have nature’s beauty all around us. We have stunning sunsets, snow scenes and even frost on flowers that are all beautiful in their own way and creative and observant gardeners that notice the beauty in the world around them and capture it to share with all of us. Our Annual Photo Contest takes us around the world with the beautiful images entered.

Our 2022 DG Calendar is ready

Every year, the winning images are featured in our Annual Dave’s Garden Calendar and the 2022 edition is as expected, beautiful The image that receives the most votes overall is featured on the cover. We have 12 monthly pages and 6 images featured on the back, so there’s a virtual feast for the eyes. Every winner receives one, along with a 1 year subscription to the premium areas. If they want, they can purchase more copies through the DG Store at Zazzle.com and of course anyone who wants one is welcome to purchase one as well. They make great gifts.

Take some time to view all of the lovely images

Below are the winning images in each category and if you click on each header, it will take you to the contest page where you can view the equally wonderful runners-up. We encourage you to take a few minutes and enjoy the show. Our Photo Contest is the highlight of our year and we are so proud of every single entry. The first image is the one that received the most votes overall and will be the cover of our 2022 DG Calendar.

Bulbs, Seeds, Mosses and Fungi by PNW_D

mushrooms growing

Annual and Perennial Flowers by Mary_Fracz

pink cosmos against the sky

Scenic Landscapes and Seasons by kinard

live oak

Roses by pmmGarak

frosty rose

Tropicals and Houseplants by Redspeedster

pink and white houseplant

Cacti and Succulents by Mary_Fracz

pink cactus bloom with a bee

Bulbs, Corms, Rhizomes and Tubers by Appleford

white and blue flowers

Personal or Private Landscaping or Gardens by vintagelily

landscaped pool area

Fruits and Vegetables by MotherNatureII

blue sambucus berries

Garden Art and Outdoor Structures by Flapdoodle

sabre tooth tiger sculpture

Water Gardens and Water Features by mygardens

orchids by a fountain

Container Gardening by minnie1

porch with geraniums

Sunsets, Sunrises and Moonscapes by Flapdoodle

sunset with horse

Wildlife (other than birds) by MaryWB

lizard on blue hydrangea

Birds by greenradar

owl in tree

Insects (other than butterflies and moths) by cpark

dragonfly on twig

Butterflies, Caterpillars and Moths by pathdoc60

blue butterfly

Domestic Pets and Animals by kinardbobtail kitten in grass

Weird, Funny or Miscellaneous by Terri1948

dog herding ducklings