It’s a common misconception that gardening is a hobby belonging only to those with spacious front and back yards. In reality, your green thumb doesn’t have to be limited by space. Dwarf and compact varieties of plants ensure that no matter what you like to grow, you can do it from almost anywhere with careful planning and the use of containers. In fact, container gardening can be even easier than the traditional method if you do your research. You have complete control over your soil, light, water, and fertilizer, eliminating many unpredictable factors than can kill your yields.

So, it should come to no surprise that the popularity of container gardening is exploding. Fortunately, getting started isn’t difficult even for a complete beginner. Check out our video below for some information on basic supplies and techniques, as well as advice on how using Osmocote plant food will help you get the most out of your season this year.

With Osmocote time-release plant food, there's no danger of over-fertilizing.

Try a self-watering windowsill planter for indoor or balcony gardens.