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African Violets 101: Getting Started with Your New Plant Jill M. Nicolaus November 22nd, 2007
A Gardening Primer Bill Boonstra, Bluestone Perennials March 10th, 2012
A podium for potassium Darius Van d'Rhys January 21st, 2009
Aquarium Water - Liquid Gold for Your Garden Benjamin Hill February 27th, 2009
Common comfrey (Symphytum officinale) has uncommon qualities Sally G. Miller May 14th, 2012
Compost tea, love it or leave it? You decide Sally G. Miller August 21st, 2014
Don't Guess, Soil Test Paul Rodman October 25th, 2010
Gardening with Bearded Iris: Spring Cleanup, Fertilizing Irises, and Iris Borer Control Jill M. Nicolaus March 16th, 2014
Garden Myths Busted: Beer, Coffee and Eggs Paul Rodman June 8th, 2012
Growing Roses from A-Z (Part I) Paul Rodman December 21st, 2007
Growing Roses from A-Z (Part III) Paul Rodman January 25th, 2008
Here's the Scoop on Fertilizers Paul Rodman June 21st, 2011
How to Make Your Own Fertilizer Tea and Use It June 25th, 2014
How to Tell if Your Soil Is Nutrient Depleted Shannon McKee May 19th, 2017
Is Nitrogen a double-edged sword for our garden soils? Darius Van d'Rhys January 7th, 2009
Know Your Fertilizers: Chemical vs. Organic Damian Fagan June 5th, 2017
Lawn care this fall, lush grass next spring Sally G. Miller September 9th, 2011
Magnesium: Essential for a plant's health, and ours Darius Van d'Rhys March 18th, 2009
Micronutrients: missing pieces of the plant nutrition puzzle Darius Van d'Rhys September 10th, 2010
Organic, What Exactly Does it Mean? Paul Rodman August 3rd, 2010
Phosphorus, a key element in all plant (and animal) life Darius Van d'Rhys January 14th, 2009
Plants need calcium, too, just like teeth and bones! Darius Van d'Rhys December 10th, 2008
Rock Dust... DUH!! Darius Van d'Rhys April 2nd, 2008
The basic NPK of Organic Fertilizers Glynis Ward May 19th, 2008
The Story of Iris Part 9 - What to Feed Your Bearded Iris Mitch Fitzgerald March 12th, 2008
Understanding Soil Testing Darius Van d'Rhys July 23rd, 2008
Why do plants need SULFUR?? Darius Van d'Rhys January 28th, 2009
Wood Ash: Can You Use It in Your Garden? Shannon McKee April 6th, 2018