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10 Terrifying Things That Lurk in our Gardens Anna Burke June 10th, 2016
ABCs of Bt, a "natural" pesticide Sally G. Miller March 31st, 2015
A Case of Mistaken Identity: Is it a Bug, or a Beetle? Angela Carson September 23rd, 2013
A Happy Event in the Mantis World Kennedy Harris November 28th, 2007
Aloe mite: The hidden scourge of the Mediterranean succulent garden Geoff Stein March 4th, 2009
A New Threat to North American Fruit: Spotted Wing Drosophila Stephen French January 15th, 2012
Ant or Termite? How to Tell the Difference Cathy M Wallace March 21st, 2010
Ants In Your Plants Ian Maxwell April 25th, 2008
A Philodendron Pollination Party with - The Beetles! LariAnn Garner June 18th, 2009
A small story of monarch motherhood Sally G. Miller September 26th, 2014
A Summer Treasure Hunt Timmy Jo Given June 17th, 2014
Attack Of The Tomato Hornworms! Controling the Tomato Hornworm Melody Rose August 10th, 2008
Attracting Beneficial Insects to the Garden Karen Jones February 11th, 2014
A Voracious Assassin Bug Kennedy Harris March 3rd, 2012
A World with Many Bugs is a Good Thing! Marie Harrison September 1st, 2014
Backyard Mosquito Abatement and Repellents Damian Fagan July 25th, 2014
Backyard Mosquito Mitigation Bev Walker May 20th, 2014
Battling Blackspot Tamara Galbraith May 5th, 2010
Battling the Infamous Imported Fire Ant Tamara Galbraith March 23rd, 2013
Bed Bugs, Plantago and Aunt Bett Sharon Brown April 23rd, 2008
Beetle Battle Lori Geistlinger August 1st, 2013
Big worms with scary teeth June 1st, 2008
Black Widows in My Garden Geoff Stein May 8th, 2009
Brix and Insect Resistance Darius Van d'Rhys June 3rd, 2009
Bug Poisons from a Veterinary Perspective Geoff Stein April 16th, 2008
Butterflies: the prettiest pollinators in the world April June 19th, 2009
Chiggers: the Myths and the Facts! Angela Carson July 5th, 2012
Cochineal Dye: Have You Eaten a Bug Lately? Kelli Kallenborn April 4th, 2013
Common Outdoor Spiders: Know Them, Love Them Tamara Galbraith July 30th, 2010
Creepy Crickets: What Gardeners Need to Know About Camel Crickets, Mole Crickets, Mormon Crickets and Jerusalem Crickets Sally G. Miller September 12th, 2014
Damage Control: Can This Plant Be Saved? Tamara Galbraith August 30th, 2008
Dave's Garden Book Review: The Insect Wonderland Melody Rose May 7th, 2011
Devil in a Green Dress Paul Rodman May 24th, 2012
Don't Blame the Bees! Lois Tilton May 26th, 2011
Do You Know Your State Insect? Toni Leland July 23rd, 2012
Euonymus leaf notcher: A new pest Sally G. Miller October 4th, 2014
Exotic food, guess what? Jean-Jacques Segalen November 10th, 2012
Field crickets: these summer singers are welcome, almost all the time Sally G. Miller September 3rd, 2014
Foreign Visitors Without Visas: Bugs, Borers, and Beetles Toni Leland May 19th, 2008
Four keys to organic gardening Kathy LaLiberte, Gardener's Supply February 27th, 2012