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A daily gardening article, every day Dave Whitinger August 2nd, 2007
Breaking Bread and Swapping Plants: The First Ever Dave's Garden Roundup Darius Van d'Rhys May 14th, 2008
Coffee and conversation: the evolution of an e-community Jill M. Nicolaus November 20th, 2008
Dave's Garden - For Gardeners... By Gardeners. Start to find your way around! Carrie Lamont March 28th, 2010
Dave's Garden leads to Dinu's Garden Dinakar KR April 28th, 2010
Eating Lunch and Swapping Seeds: How to Host an Easy and Successful DG Gathering Jill M. Nicolaus February 19th, 2013
Family, Friendships and Flowers Melody Rose May 23rd, 2008
How a Bird Watching Forum Helped Me Survive the Winter Marna Towne December 31st, 2014
Iowa Roundup 2008--Portal to Plant Heaven Larry Rettig July 21st, 2008
Its a Small World After All Shari Scott August 14th, 2007
Meet Dave's Gardeners in Your Area: Throw a Plant Party! Jill M. Nicolaus October 9th, 2008
Our Gardens, Filled with Hope Dea O'Hopp September 11th, 2007
Through the Years, We All Will Be Together Benjamin Hill January 1st, 2009
Where are all the Butterflies? Butterfly Populations in the United States Marna Towne July 27th, 2012
You Supply The Caption - Gardening Fun :) Dea O'Hopp May 3rd, 2008