The beauty of your garden is often short-lived, especially if you live somewhere that has a short growing season. It can be hard to remember the glorious blooms of your flowers when winter is entrenched, and all you see is a field of white from the snow. Many of the things you do with your flowers only last a short time, but resin jewelry is a wonderful way to preserve your blooms and greenery for years to come. It may seem complicated, but pouring resin is rather easy once you understand the best way to use resin.

Items You’ll Need

There are several items that you’ll need to make resin flower jewelry. First, you’ll need the resin. It comes in two parts. You’ll need two cups to pour the resin into along with a cup to mix it in. The cup you use to mix it in can also be used to pour it, so something with a spout or a condiment squirt bottle can be useful. Wooden stir-sticks for stirring it. You’ll need jewelry molds for the resin. Toothpicks can be helpful for placing your flowers right where you want it in the jewelry mold. Wax paper and latex gloves are good to help keep the mess down. To remove air bubbles and help harden the jewelry, a hairdryer will do well.

You’ll also need any jewelry pieces to go along with the type of jewelry you’re planning on making. For instance, a chain necklace, backings, jump rings, or other jewelry making pieces will be necessary. E-6000 is an excellent adhesive to connect your resin piece to the backing you choose. You may want to get glitter or even paint to go along with your flowers.

The final thing you’ll need are the flowers you plan on using in the resin. You’ll want to find the perfect specimens. Any blemishes that you can see on the flowers will be visible, and once they're locked in the resin you'll see them forever so make sure you only use the very best blooms.

Mixing Your Resin

 Mixing with Hardener

The resin you get should come in two parts. One is the resin itself, and the other is the hardener. Both of these parts are necessary. Depending on the precise resin you end up using the ratio may differ slightly, but in most cases you'll be making a 50-50 mixture. Too much or too little of either part of the resin can cause your resin not to cure correctly.

One tip to ensure your amounts are correct is to use a transparent cup or small cough medicine cups if you’re planning on using only a tiny amount of resin or larger clear cups. You can use these cups again. Just be sure to label the cups with a permanent marker.

Once you have poured both parts and the cups are equally filled, you can then pour them together in your mixing container and mix them up. You’ll want to mix them up for about two minutes or so. In the beginning, scrape the side of the bowl to get it all thoroughly mixed. This step is another area where your jewelry may not come out right due to not mixing it enough. This mixing not only helps to get the two parts mixed up but helps to remove bubbles.

Using Your Molds

Yellow flower in resin being removed from mold

You’ll want to have your molds ready to go. Add your flowers into your shape and pour the resin on top of it. You want to make sure that a thin layer gets underneath the flower to preserve it. This action puts the flower in the very front of your jewelry. If you want your flowers more towards the middle, pour a small amount of resin in the bottom of the mold to raise it and let it set up for a short time. Then, place your flower as you want it, and pour in more resin to cover it up. You’ll want your resin to go to the top of the mold without going over.

You can also add other things to the resin to your taste. If you find that it’s not exactly where you want it in the resin, you can use a toothpick to try to move it around before the resin hardens. You can also create a color backing to the resin piece using glitter or paint. Mix up a small bit of resin with the glitter or paint color of your choice and pour it last.

Removing Your Jewelry

Let your resin harden overnight. If you’re having a difficult time getting the molds to release, you can pop the entire mold in the freezer for about ten minutes. This short freeze will help it to shrink a bit and make it easier to pop it out of the mold.

Make Your Jewelry

Once you’ve got your resin piece, you can create your jewelry using the jewelry findings that you purchased. There are some types of molds that you can make that don’t require you to do anything else, such as bracelets or rings.

The fantastic thing about resin is that you’re not limited to just jewelry. You can create tabletops that look like your garden is trapped inside of them, wall hangings with bouquets, and more. The options for resin jewelry are limitless on what you can do with resin and flowers from your garden. Put your creativity to work, and you’ll be surrounded by your flowers even when winter is at your door.